ANNIE Award Ceremony


Throughout the season, Desert Foothills Theater audience members complete their ANNIE Ballots following each production they see. The annual ANNIE Award Ceremony is where we find out the audience favorite artists, designers and shows.


It's a pure celebration where past and present DFT artists come together to celebrate all their hard work with a Tony Awards-like ceremony complete with video clips from nominee performances and live presenters.


The event is FREE to all DFT nominees, current and past actors, and stage crew members.  Supersubscribers receive TWO FREE tickets to the show. ALL other DFT subscribers can purchase tickets for $8.00. Non-subscribers can purchase tickets for $10.  Come on out and celebrate with us!  Event includes light dinner and soft drinks.


DINNER provided by Venues Cafe,

served at 6:30PM.

Ceremony starts at 7:00PM


Video for this event beautifully created by Kurt Mackiewich
at Made 4U Productions!