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Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Holt

Volume 5 Issue 1 May, 2018

Shre- Meet the Cast - Part 3

May 4, 2018

Today concludes our introduction to the cast of Shrek the Musical. We open May 11th, so be sure to get your tickets soon!

Shrek - Meet the Cast- Part 2

May 3, 2018

Today we continue introducing you to our fabulous cast of Shrek. Be sure to check it out and get your tickets early!

Shrek - Meet the Cast - Part 1

May 2, 2018

Meet some of the talented youths bringing the magical story of Shrek the Musical to life. 

Director Interview - with Ricky Araiza

March 30, 2018

Find out more about the talented director bringing his vision to life in our production of In The Heights. 

In The Heights Creative Team

March 28, 2018

Meet the designers creating the world of In The Heights!

Meet the Cast - In The Heights Part 3

March 23, 2018

Get to know the very talented ensemble of performers bringing the world of In The Heights to life. 

Meet the Cast - In The Heights Part 2

March 22, 2018

Introducing the second part of the fabulous cast of In The Heights. Learn more about them here. 

Meet the Cast - In The Heights Part 1

March 21, 2018

Meet Part 1 of the multi-talented cast of our upcoming production of In The Heights. 

The Couple in Plays Together Stays Together

February 14, 2018

Theater brings people together all of the time. It’s one of the most magical things about this ancient yet constantly evolving art form. For these two couples, this “bringing together” was a bit more literal. 

"Driving Miss Daisy" Actors and Friends

February 8, 2018

T.A. Burrows (Hoke Colburn) and Barbara McBain (Daisy Werthan) star in our current production of “Driving Miss Daisy”. These valley favorites were gracious enough to take some time to interview each other.

Directing "Miss Daisy"

February 6th, 2018

Take a moment to read what director Damon J. Bolling has to say about our fabulous production of "Driving Miss Daisy"

Meet the Cast of "Driving Miss Daisy"

January 30, 2018

Meet the fabulously talented cast bringing to life the story of “Driving Miss Daisy” at Desert Foothills Theater.

Sounds Like a Hit! Explore the World of Sound with Charlotte's Web


The sounds you hear during the performance of Charlotte's Web are created live on stage. This technique has an interesting history!

Lessons From Charlotte


Some memories about Charlotte's Web and the lessons we can all learn from it. 

Meet the Cast of Charlotte's Web (Part 3)


Learn about these versatile performers!

Meet the Cast of Charlotte's Web (Part 2)


Learn More About the Talented Actors Bringing the Farm to Life

Terrific, Terrific, Terrific with Mikaella Belsan


Mikaella Belsan has grown up in the theater and is now focusing on directing. She is currently working on “Charlotte’s Web” and was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us. 

Meet the Cast of Charlotte's Web (Part 1)


"Charlotte's Web" has a barnyard full of the best youth talent around. Learn more about them here. 

Annie Warbucks’ A New Tomorrow: An Adoption Event with HALO Animal Rescue


Having a dog will help the kids to unplug and spend more time outside with your furry pal, all while learning responsibility. Plus, homes that have dogs visible inside are much less likely to be robbed! There are many reasons to adopt a furry friend!

From the Stage to the Service

October 4, 2017

Sam Chartier, DFT's very own Gomez in The Addams Family, writes about his theatrical and future military careers.

Desert Foothills Theater Gears up for October Madness

October 1, 2017

A heartwarming and special adoption event with HALO Animal Rescue, our amazing production of The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy and a Grand Masquerade Gala. DFT is full of excitement this October and you can be part of it all!

Thoughts From The Addams Family Director

October 1, 2017

Mark-Alan C. Clemente, one of the Valley's favorite directors, talks Addams family with DFT Magazine.

A Valley Performer Visits Broadway

September 29, 2017

Alexia Wussow, Editor-in-Chief of DFT Magazine, recently took a bite out of the big apple and shares about her experience here.

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