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Would you consider being a Sponsor?


Sponsorship is a great way to provide substantial financial support to Desert Foothills Theater and receive visibility for yourself or your business.  Show sponsors are recognized in all ads, posters, fliers and postcards, receive tickets to shows they have sponsored, and are recognized in lobby signage.


Sponsors make a HUGE difference in the Theater's  ability to present quality work.  


Rent and royalties for our musicals start at $8,000 (for a black box show) and can go up to more than $11,000 (for a mainstage show). This is the cost BEFORE any other design work such as costumes, set, lighting, sound, etc. are even figured in.  Full production costs range from $28,000 for a non-musical production to $38,000 for a musical.  These costs are the same for youth shows.


On average, ticket sales cover about 50% of our expenses for a production. Your sponsorship means a lot to us, and if there is something we can do for our sponsors, we will do it!


Here are some examples of ways you can make a huge difference with sponsorships.


Production sponsorships help undewrite various aspects of a show:


Corporate Sponsor - Underwrites a bit of every production this season


Season Sponsors -  Underwirtes a little bit of every production this season


Show Sponsors - Underwrites a specific show this season


Partial Show Sponsors - Underwrite a portion of a specific show this season


Underwriter - Underwrite a specific portion of a paticular show this season


Education Underwriter - Underwrites a specific class, workshop or event this season 



Please download our Sponsor Packet and see all the details here!





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